Macon Branch Library, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY

This project is an example of successful restoration and reinvigoration of a century old structure, within the constraints of a limited budget.

The single storied structure with a small rear mezzanine is a classic example of a "Carnegie" library, built with funds donated by the great philanthropist. The interior had been destroyed by intrusions such as suspended fluorescent lighting and exposed ducts.

Under a project completed by Sen Architects the library underwent a complete interior transformation. The lighting was redesigned to meet current codes, whilst incorporating the historic pattern. Air conditioning was skillfully integrated into the remaining historic fabric, and the millwork was selectively restored. New Millwork was carefully detailed to follow the existing profiles.


Completion: December 2009
Project Cost: $2 M
Role of Firm: Prime Consultants, Architects & Historic Preservation Specialists.
Client: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY