Jain Centers of America

Elmhurst, NY, Great Neck, NY and Siddhachalam, NJ

Jain Center of America, Elmhurst, NY

This is an award winning 4 storied structure located in the residential community of Elmhurst, Queens, NY. It serves as a religious and community center for the Jain Community of New York. The 25,000 sf. building serves the needs of all the sects of this faith, and has had a unifying effect among all the believers. The programming stage entail frequent meetings with community members to make sure that all concerns were satisfied, and a consensus had been reached on all items.

The forms echoes the steeped form with "shikhars”, or tall mountain like structures found in traditional temples, whilst maintaining a scale that fits into the residential streetscape of midrise apartment buildings.

The religious facilities are on the second and part of the third floor. The library is on the third level, and dining hall occupies most of the fourth floor. A community room that has art exhibits and space for educational classes is in the basement level.

This project was awarded the Award for Design Excellence by the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

Great Neck Project
This is a larger Jain center, and a more elaborate structure, on 5 acres in long island. It will have a large Meeting hall for Community gatherings, as well as temples for the 2 main sects of the religion. A large open courtyard in front of the main temple creates a buffer space between the parking and roadways to create a peaceful entry for the religious building. Presently this project is undergoing the Environmental Impact review by the Town.

Siddhachalam, NJ
This is a major Jain Retreat, located on over 100 acres in Blairstown, NJ. Sen Architects have been assisting on various projects at the Campus, and plans are in progress for a major remodeling of the main temple.


Completion: December 2006 Jain Center at Elmhurst
Project Cost: $6 M
Role of Firm: Prime Consultants, Architects
Client: Jain Center of America, NY