Kearny High School, Kearny, NY

Noise Abatement and Renovation Project

This project is sponsored jointly by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Kearny Board of Education.

As part of the School Soundproofing program, the Port Authority provides assistance to all school facilities that are located under the flight path of airplanes near major regional airports. The aim is to lessen the noise impact of the planes in the educational spaces. Major elements of the remedial efforts are introduction of Air Conditioning systems and replacement of exterior windows and doors. The schools often make use of the opportunity of a major renovation and add some program elements. In the case of the Kearny High School, the main program change was an addition of a five story structure within the existing school courtyard.

Sen Architects is assisting on this project during the Construction Stage. The school is occupied during the construction stage, and the work is being done in 10 phases. Complex phasing conditions have to be resolved, permitting safe circulation in the operational parts of the school. Sen Architects is reviewing shop drawings and coordinating the work with Structural and Mechanical engineers.

Since the School facility consists of 3 distinct structures built in 1921, 1938 and 1970. Since complete documents are not available for the original two structures, several field conditions have to be addressed on a continuous basis, as the demolition proceeds.


Completion: Under Construction - anticipated completion November 2014
Project Cost: $37.39 M
Role of Firm: Construction Stage Services.
Client: Kearny Board of Education, Kearny, NJ.